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Thursday's Plastic Cup

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KL's on the road this morning, so it's up to me to deliver the sudsy news form.

First, our regulars:

The big news in Brewers land is Derrick Turnbow asked him agent to talk to Melvin about his role.  I wrote about it after the game last night, and there's quite the range of opinion about it so far in the comments.

It's April 17th, so full-season stats are fairly meaningless.  Split stats always have sample-size issues.  So what does the J-S do?  Give us early-season split stats.  Jason Kendall has the best home batting average in the National League.  Let's pick up that option right now!

Speaking of splits, there's a new article at The Hardball Times about batting in front of the pitcher.  You might recognize the author.  I was interested in that in part because it seems like Counsell and JJ Hardy have had very different experiences in that spot.  In addition to the article, which you should read, I was surprised to discover that last year, in 48 at-bats with the pitcher on deck, Hardy hit 404/425/537.

A few injury notes:

Here's an interesting interview with Tim Marchman.  Don't miss his comments on LaRussa.

Shea Hillenbrand's son was attacked by a lemur.  At first it sounds like a joke, then it sounds like a tragedy, and then, thanks to this Baseball Think Factory thread, it turns back into a joke.

That'll do it for this morning.  Don't go time is 12:15 CT.