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Game Thread #15: Brewers (8-6) at Cardinals (11-4)

This afternoon the Brewers try to salvage some fragment of their dignity.  Manny Parra takes the mound against Kyle Lohse.

Tom H has the lineups: Corey's in the 5 spot, Kapler is still hurt, and Kendall and Hall both have the day off.  LaRussa did his share of juggling too, showing us his lineup against lefties. Judging from their splits so far this year, the Cards do better against righties, but based on the projections I'm using for the project-a-tron, it looks like the team is potentially quite a bit stronger against LHPs.

Here's the baseball-reference preview, and the project-a-tron says:

  • Brewers 4.6
  • Cardinals 4.6
  • Brewers WinExp: 46%

Go Brewers!