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Game Thread #16: Brewers (9-6) at Reds (7-9)

Two things ought to be making Brewers fans happy about this weekend's series:

  1. The fifth starter brigades won't appear.  It's Sheets, Suppan, and Gallardo.
  2. Hart is moved up to the five spot.

The bad news: Kapler is still out, and Counsell is leading off and starting over Weeks.  Unless Sheets goes 8+ innings, I think we can also count on a Mitch Stetter appearance tonight.  Knowing Ned, he'll come in to face Dunn.

The Hart link above takes you to Tom H's Anthony Witrado's blog entry with the lineups, and if you want to spend the three hours before game time poring over conceivable matchup, here's the baseball-reference game preview.  If you're like me and you always forget that Cinci is in the Eastern time zone, remember that the game starts at 6:10 CT.

Project-a-tron likes our chances with Sheets against Arroyo, even with a gaping hole of ~600 OPS at the top of the lineup:

  • Brewers 5.1
  • Reds 4.3
  • Brewers WinExp: 53%

Let's go Crew!