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Game Thread #17: Brewers (10-6) at Reds (7-10)

Jeff Suppan goes up against Johnny Cueto.  Perhaps you've heard of this Cueto fellow?  He's pretty good, though his lifetime winning percentage against the Brewers is .000.  We'll be looking for more than five innings from Suppan, because I don't think Melvin will let Yost have more than 13 pitchers.  (Please?!)

Here's your Baseball-Reference game preview.  When you see the lineups, feel free to post them in the comments.  I predict that someone with a low on-base percentage will lead off for the Reds.

Project-a-tron says:

  • Brewers 5.5
  • Reds 5.1
  • Brewers WinExp: 49%

Let's go Crew!