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Game Thread #2: Brewers (1-0) at Cubs (0-1)

Jeff Suppan versus Ted Lilly.  Lilly's a lefty, so Gabe Kapler gets the start in center, batting second...that should be interesting.

Start time is 1:20, lineups after the jump.  Go Brewers!


2B Rickie Weeks
CF Gabe Kapler
1B Prince Fielder
LF Ryan Braun
3B Bill Hall
RF Corey Hart
SS J.J. Hardy
RHP Jeff Suppan
C Jason Kendall


(Maybe not official, but from a commenter at the Bizarro BCB)

SS Theriot
LF Soriano
1B Lee
3B Ramirez
RF Fukudome
2B Derosa
C Soto
CF Pie
P Lilly