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Game Thread #18: Brewers (11-6) at Reds (7-11)

Now this, my friends, is a good matchup.  Yovani Gallardo makes his season debut for the Brewers, while Aaron Harang goes for the Reds.  Joe Dillon was sent to Nashville to make room for Yo, leaving the Brewers with a truly remarkable 14 pitchers.

Anthony W has the Brewers lineup, which contains no surprises.  Here's the Baseball-Reference Game Preview

The project-a-tron is baffled by the evenness of it all, as it was yesterday.  The only difference today is one percentage point and lower run totals:

  • Brewers 4.7
  • Reds 4.3
  • Brewers WinExp: 50%

Let's go Crew!