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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

I think I need a Frosty Mug of coffee.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score
ESPN Video Highlights
BDD Recaps
Postseason odds: Projecting 83.5 wins and a 21.7% chance of winning the Central.

A quick aside to discuss in the comments: Does anyone actually watch/enjoy the ESPN Video highlights? I really used to like them, but lately I'm getting pretty frustrated with them. Take last night's game, for example. A pretty good back-and-forth with some interesting moments and late inning drama. ESPN could've produced at least a full minute of highlights to show that. Instead, the highlight package is 24 seconds long and the only highlight is a sac fly. If you want the ESPN Video highlights to remain a part of the Mug, say something in the comments, otherwise I'm cutting them tomorrow.

As I'm sure you noticed below, in the JS or on ESPN, Ben Sheets will miss his next start. I'm trying hard not to overreact. Really hard.

Of course, even with Sheets inactive, the Brewers still have 13 active pitchers on their roster. The Official Site says they're sticking to it, even if Luft On Deck does call it creatively twisted logic. Cardinals Diaspora also picked up on the need to pinch hit with a pitcher in the 7th last night.

Between the Green Pillars thinks Derrick Turnbow doesn't have a place in the bullpen anymore. Last week, in the comments of the Turnbow thread, I said the following:
If I’m Doug Melvin, I welcome the opportunity to restore the confidence of one of the few pitchers on staff guaranteed to be here next year. I think it’s easy for Melvin to say "Look, Derrick, I know we’ve set you back, but you’re still a key part of our plans and we’re looking forward to having you here long term. We just need you to do your part to prove you deserve it." I think it’s relatively easy to picture a world where Gagne, Torres, Mota (all free agents) and Shouse (almost 40) could be gone next year, and Turnbow and Riske are the best options at the end of the bullpen. If DM is half as smart as I think he is, he’s sitting down with Turnbow and pointing that out.
Obviously Turnbow's not pitching well. But unless we produce a bunch of contract extensions real soon, he's going to be a key part of the 2009 bullpen again.

Only one injury report today, so it's exceptionally brief: Rangers P Kason Gabbard left yesterday's game with back stiffness.

Results are posted for the Baseball Happenings Awards Blogpoll. Manny Ramirez takes home the MVP this week, Cliff Lee takes home the Cy Young and Nick Blackburn wins Rookie of the Year. See the full results here and the BCB ballot here.

Al over at Bleed Cubbie Blue notes that the Cubs are inching up on 10,000 franchise wins. (Clever joke about 100 years goes here.)

This week's Fan Opinion Poll is a week late but it's up, go vote here. This week's new topics include roster construction, Yovani Gallardo, resting closers, Ben Sheets, and the five questions I've been tracking with the previous polls. Please go vote, and if you have the capacity to help promote the poll and build turnout numbers, that'd be fantastic as well. Last week 142 people voted, my goal for this week is 150.

That's all I've got for today. Drink up.