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Game Thread #22: Phillies (11-11) at Brewers (13-8)

It's Jeff Suppan vs. Jamie Moyer at 12:05 CT.  Just like I always say: The only thing better than a lefty is a decidedly Suppan-like lefty.  The Phillies have a huge offense, even with Rollins out, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the runs really add up this afternoon.

One fun fact, in light of Suppan's start today and Mark DiFelice's strong outing for Nashville this week. ZiPS projects Suppan for a 4.76 ERA this year. DiFelice? 4.77.

Here's the BR Game Preview, and assuming the same lineups as last night, Project-a-Tron says:

  • Brewers 5.7
  • Phillies 5.4
  • Brewers WinExp: 57%

Let's go crew!

(and please, website, keep working!)