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Game Thread #24: Marlins (14-9) at Brewers (13-10)

Carlos Villanueva's last start was his best yet -- 2 ER in 7 IP against the Cardinals.   Let's hope he can build on that and save our hopelessly overworked bullpen (TM).  Let's also hope that the offense can put something together against the overperforming Mark Hendrickson and send the fans home after nine innings.

Ah, but is Hendrickson really overperforming?  (And why does Firefox's spellcheck not like "overperforming?"  Or "spellcheck?")  The Palm Beach Post has the scoop: Mark is crediting LASIK with his hot start.   I can't wait for the first time Kendall comes to the plate--I think something might explode.  It's a good thing they didn't have LASIK in the 18th century, or else the American Revolution would've been a lot bloodier.

Here's the BR Game Preview.   Ignoring for a moment the last two games and focusing on larger trends, this again figures to be a high-scoring contest, as the Marlins have the best team OPS against righties, and the Brewers have the second best team OPS against lefties. 

Game time is 6:05 CT.  Let's go Crew!