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Game Thread #25: Marlins (14-10) at Brewers (14-10)

I'm curious to see how this game turns out.  We've had two relatively low-scoring contests between powerhouse offenses, and not only that, but the starters have thrown with the hand that the other team feasts on. 

This afternoon is different--the Brewers will start lefty Manny Parra and the Marlins go with Ricky Nolasco, a righty.  It's also different in that neither of them have been any semblance of good so far this year.  Here's the BR Game Preview with all the numbers to that effect you could ever want.

It's getting old to say this, but once again, Parra may be pitching for his job.  He's been passable, but has topped out at four innings twice.  If Ned has to pick between someone mediocre who can give him 5 innings and someone mediocre who can give him 6+, we all know what decision he'll make.

Here are the lineups--it's reserve day at Miller Park.  It's not a bad idea, either: first righty starter in a while, so it make sense to put Gwynn and Counsell in there.

Game time is 1:05 CT.  Let's go Brewers!