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Game Thread #3: Brewers (2-0) at Cubs (0-2)

Dave Bush versus Ryan Dempster.  Feel free to post the lineups when you see them.

While I have the floor, I thought I'd mention a few things about the new site.  As most of you have noticed, one of the highlights is the live comment updating--you don't have to hit "refresh" to see new comments.  Makes the whole thing much more addictive.

There are two new things that I don't see a lot of people using:

  • Recommend a story/fanpost/comment/whatever.  If you like something, you think it's funny, whatever--if you want to make it easier for other people to find it, recommend it.  For comments, click on the "actions" link, and then click "recommend."  If 4 people recommend a fanpost, it gets moved up in the "recommended FanPost" area, and if 4 people recommend a comment, it gets highlighted.
  • FanShots.  If you scroll down a ways on the right sidebar, you'll see these.  At this point, most of them are photos, but they don't have to be.  FanShots can be photos, videos, links, whatever.  One big advantage there is if you want to tell everybody about a story but don't want to write up a FanPost (like a diary) about it, you can just make a FanShot, give it a headline, and that's that.  Here's an example.  You can recommend and comment on FanShots just like stories or FanPosts.

Finally, along with recommending, you also have the power to "flag" comments, FanPosts, and FanShots.  If you see something that's inappropriate, flag it, and if it gets a flag from another person or two, it'll be pulled.  Nothing has been flagged so far in the young life of this site, and it would be great if nothing ever had to be.

The game starts at 1:20 at Miller Park South.  Go Brewers!