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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Happy Friday morning, Brewer fans. The Brewers are 2-1, spending their 4th straight morning in first place (albeit tied for first), and they open a series tonight with baseball's likely worst team, the San Fransisco Giants. It's time for a Frosty Mug.

Before we get too far, there is the matter of yesterday's Win Probability Graph, which slopes in the wrong direction. And if you missed any of yesterday's other games, Baseball Digest Daily has recaps.

Jim Powell's new blog is up, covering the Cubs series, Tony Gwynn Jr., and WTMJ.

Murray Chass, baseball writer for the New York Times and long time avoider of technology, went off on a rant yesterday on Charlie Steiner's XM Radio show about bloggers and his wish that they would go away. As luck would have it, the next guest on the show was Dodger Thoughts author Jon Weisman, who penned a thoughtful response that's less than half as mean as I would've been. One quote from Weisman's response sticks out to me:

Second, while there's value in interacting with the players and management of a baseball team, I can testify that there's often value in not interacting with them. It can give you a level of objectivity that is often missing from mainstream reporting. And at a minimum, many kinds of analysis don't require a locker-room presence, yet can be of tremendous value when done right.

There is no good reason for an Us vs. Them mentality when it comes to mainstream reporters and bloggers. The readership benefits from their combined presence, and really, short of the sportswriter who doubles as a great blogger, one isn't going to take the other's job away. (You certainly won't see me on the Dodger beat for a local paper anytime soon.) Bottom line: A multitude of opinions and a more open debate of the issues are good things. We aren't witnessing the downfall of written baseball coverage; we're witnessing a flourishing, a tremendously rich era to live in. We should cherish this time.

Within minutes of reading Weisman's response, and his point that newspapers don't have the market cornered on analysis, I read this case in point: A JS article from this morning with the following insight: When games sell out, some people don't get in.

With a run in today's game, Rickie Weeks will have scored a run in 17 consecutive games, the longest streak in Brewer history. I haven't done the research on this, but I'm pretty sure that if he destroys a catcher for the second consecutive day, that would also be a Brewer record.

Rluzinski over at Another Baseball Blog did a nice job using the pitch f/x data from Ben Sheets' start on Monday to illustrate how his fastball velocity changed throughout the game.

Brief Alphabetical Morning (BAM) Injury Reports:

Miguel Cabrera has a sore quad but should only miss a day or two, if that.
Mike Hampton was scratched from yesterday's start, his first since 2005, and put on the DL with a strained pec.
Jerry Owens isn't back off the DL yet, but he should watch out for Jermaine Dye anyway.
Gary Sheffield has a torn tendon in his finger, which could be serious.
Jack Wilson suffered a calf strain in yesterday's game but apparently it's not serious.
Dmitri Young's back kept him out of yesterday's Nationals game, and warranted an MRI.

Dodgers third base coach Larry Bowa, currently serving a 3-game suspension for throwing a tantrum after being ejected for standing outside the coaching box, has a rather prolonged history of being a dick, as compiled by Seamheads. He could be the greatest 3B coach on Earth, and if he continually behaved like that I don't think I'd want him around.

I don't know that it's really necessary, but Sam Mellinger has 8 reasons not to believe in the Royals yet.

Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke, however, just finished scripting August and September for the Pirates' 2008 division championship season.

Also, Nelson Cruz cleared waivers and will start the season in Oklahoma, the Rangers AAA affiliate.

That's all for today. Drink up.