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Game Thread #4: Giants (1-2) at Brewers (2-1)

It's the home opener, and Carlos Villanueva gets the ball.  Pitching for the Giants is Jonathan Sanchez, who has a 7.27 ERA in 8 career starts.  (He's young though--I'm not throwing those numbers out there to suggest he's the second coming of Wayne Franklin.)

For those of you who want the pennant race to start now, you might be interested to know that the Cubs are hosting the Astros, sending Rich Hill to the mound against a bunch of guys who should probably be playing at Round Rock.  We're not the only NL Central contender with an easy (on paper, anyway) matchup this weekend.

Before the game, during the game, after the game, whatever, make sure to check out everything on the site: in the last 24 hours alone, we've got my arguments in favor of Ned, five questions with a Giants blogger, the first Minor League Notes of the year, and of course, this morning's Frosty Mug.  Drink up, but please, drink responsibly. 

(Oh hell, it's the home opener.  Who's going to drink responsibly?)

Go Brewers!