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Saturday's Frosty Mug

Good morning, Brewer fans. The Brewers are 3-1, and in first place (tied with the Cardinals) for the fifth straight day. The Cubs lost again yesterday to drop to 1-3 and the Brewers host the NL's worst team, the Giants, again tonight. It's time for a Frosty Mug.

I'm starting out today the same way I should start everyday, with a Win Probability Graph that slopes the right way and Baseball Digest Daily's recap of all the games you might have missed yesterday.

Also, if you like the internet and baseball but you're not really big on reading, here are the ESPN Video highlights from yesterday's game.

Today we see the 2008 debut of Manny Parra. The official site has a profile on him to get you ready.

And, of course, in the kind of in-depth analysis we've come to expect from the JS, yesterday two blog posts were devoted to the bathroom situation outside Miller Park, and the alternatives people have found. Always one to pick up on hard-hitting news, the Yahoo blog chimed in.

I'm still not seeing much mainstream press on it, but Rickie Weeks' streak (17 straight run-scoring games and counting) drew notice from The Griddle.

Also, be sure to check out McCovey Chronicles' 5 Questions With Jeff. This one does a really nice job of wandering off the beaten path and starting conversation on some questions we don't talk about everyday.

But, back to things I do talk about everyday. Here's your Brief Alphabetical Morning (BAM) Injury Reports:

Chad Cordero's arm stiffness has landed him on the DL.
Michael Cuddyer is headed to the DL with a dislocated and lacerated right index finger.
Victor Martinez didn't return last night, but may return from his sore hamstring tonight, possibly too early.
Rays C Dioner Navarro had to leave yesterday's game with a cut on his throwing hand.
Twins P Kevin Slowey will miss his next start with arm soreness.
Reds C Javier Valentin strained his hamstring last night and had to leave the game. He'll be reevaluated today.

If you see somebody standing on a rooftop today, it might be a Tigers fan. Try to talk them down.

Whether you think Gagne will rebound or be a total bust, you have to admit the Rangers sold him off at the perfect time.

TangoTiger has the rule of thumb for stolen base efficiency. Since the 2008 Brewers are scoring 7 runs per game, their break-even percentage is 75%.

On former Brewers:

Chad Fox is in extended spring training with the Cubs. I think he's been making the annual, "Wow, you're still around?" appearance for about 6-7 years now.

Richie Sexson, walked, doubled and homered yesterday, but USS Mariner isn't happy with his pitch selection. If he keeps that up, he'll only hit .667.

Callix Crabbe made his big-league debut with the Padres on Thursday.

Claudio Vargas is still floating around, but doesn't want to go to AAA, so the Mets appear unlikely to sign him.

Finally, this Sabernomics piece is amusing, even if it does miss the point. I'm pretty sure the Brewers team plane would not fly into a building if Ned listened to us.

That's all for today. Drink up.