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Sunday's Frosty Mug

Good afternoon, Brewer fans. The Brewers are 4-1, and wake up this morning with a share of first in the NL Central for the 6th straight day. As I write this, they're about 45 minutes away from their first pitch with the San Fransisco Giants, attempting to finish off the sweep. It's late, but it's still time for a Frosty Mug.

(As an aside, my apologies for being late. I caught a wedding and a Midwest League doubleheader yesterday, and had company to see off this morning...which turned into a morning of donuts and MLB Power Pros. But I'm here now.)

Here's the three daily starters: Win Probability Graph from yesterday, Baseball Digest Daily's Saturday recap, and ESPN Video highlights from yesterday's game.

I didn't find much else of note that hasn't already been reported, except this: Miller Park may have Field Turf someday. The money quote:

"We can't have things like tractor pulls that can bring in revenue," said principal owner Mark Attanasio.
Mark, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but a tractor pull would tear up Field Turf too. I like where your head's at, though, and I'm fine with you doing what you can to bring in revenue, as long as it goes back into the team. Or it goes into adding parking lot toilets.

Brief Alphabetical Morning (usually) (BAMu) Injury Reports:

Erik Bedard has hip inflammation and his next start, initially scheduled for today, has been pushed back to Tuesday.
Lance Berkman left yesterday's game with neck spasms.
Jason Giambi left yesterday's game with a groin injury.
Rays C Dioner Navarro's cuts on his fingers are more serious than expected and will land him on the DL.
Cards P Russ Springer is on the DL with an inflamed nerve in his elbow.
Astros 3B Ty Wigginton has a small fracture in his left thumb and will miss at least a couple of weeks.
Mets P Matt Wise isn't available today with forearm soreness.

It appears a Cubs fan got under David Pinto's skin. I'll admit, a week in Fukudome is exceeding my expectations. But Pinto's point is fair...there's not much else going on.

Wes Helms is a Marlin again. His $2.9 million salary might double their payroll. The Marlins traded cash considerations to the Phillies for him. I think the Marlins got sick of hearing about their team salary being lower than A-Rod's.

Recondite Baseball has a list of the last position player to pitch for every team. One team hasn't had a position player pitch since the 1980's. Six teams pitched a position player last year. If you would've known the team or more than 3 or so of those players, you're a better trivia guy than me. You should consider going outside or something.

That's all for today. Drink up.