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Pre-Passover Power

WSB Chris brought it to my attention that when Ryan Braun and Gabe Kapler homered in the same game inning yesterday, it must be a rare--if not one-of-a-kind--occurrence.  As you probably know, both are Jewish, and while there have been plenty of Jewish major leaguers, there haven't been very many sluggers, and certainly not slugging teammates.

(Of course Gabe Kapler isn't a slugger either, early-season results aside.)

Anyway, Chris got in touch with enough people to determine that this is probably the first time that two Jewish players have homered for the same team in the same game.  Now, through one of his new contacts, he's looking for Jewish Brewers fans.  There must be a few of you here, right?

I assume that Chris will be following the comments on this thread, so you can either out yourself here or over at the Wisconsin Sports Bar.

As they say, God works in strange ways...