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Gallardo Back In Form

Yovani Gallardo made his second rehab start today.  The game was shortened by rain, but he got his work in.  You can see the box score here.  He was actually pitching against a decent lineup--Jason Ellison, Nelson Cruz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Chris Shelton, etc.  If I get bored later I might run the numbers and see how that lineup compares to what we saw from the Giants last weekend.

Anyway, good results from YoGa.  5.1 innings, 6 K's, 1 BB.  2 runs on 7 hits, though with rehab starts, I always pay more attention to the K/BB numbers than anything else.  I don't know whether, or how long, he would've kept pitching, but those 5.1 innings are all the Sounds got to throw.

This next round through the rotation of Bush, Villanueva, and Parra will be worth watching closely, as it may well determine who stays.  The fact that Gallardo is lined up with Bush is interesting in itself.

UPDATE: I got bored.  Here's how the Redhawks lineup compares to that of the Giants.