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Game Thread #28: Brewers (15-12) at Cubs (17-10)

Look on the bright side: At worst, we'll walk away from today's game having split six games at Wrigley.  At best, we will have won the second consecutive series at our main division rival's home park.

The matchup is worth watching regardless of the other storylines: Yovani Gallardo vs. Carlos Zambrano.  (I just about typed "Victor," but there is a limit to my wishful thinking.)  Here's the BR Game Preview.

With Soriano off the DL, the Cubs offense gets a little boost, but not as much as it would (in theory, anyway) if Sori would learn to hit further down in the lineup.  As a low-OBP, high-SLG guy, he would be more valuable there.  (Though not much--I just tried swapping Fukudome and Soriano and the difference works out to about 0.05 runs per game.)

Project-a-tron is eerily similar to last night, only with lower run totals.  I really, really hope it's right about the lower run totals.

  • Brewers 4.7
  • Cubs 4.6
  • Brewers WinExp: 47.22%

Go Brewers!