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Monday's Frosty Mug

Looks like I didn't miss much this weekend.

Sunday's Win Expectancy Graph
Sunday's BR Box Score
Sunday's BDD Recaps

Saturday's Win Expectancy Graph (Game 1)
Saturday's BR Box Score (Game 1)
Saturday's Win Expectancy Graph (Game 2)
Saturday's BR Box Score (Game 2)
Saturday's BDD Recaps
Friday's BDD Recaps

By now, I was hoping to have breaking news: Rumors were circulating last night that Ned Yost was going to be fired today. This morning, however, Tom H. is reporting no decision has been made.

As noted in the fanposts, Ryan Braun spoke out after yesterday's loss, saying the team didn't expect to win this weekend. Beyond the Green Pillars doesn't like the way he did it, speaking out in the press instead of to his teammates, but I like that he's being honest. At least one person is done saying "it's early."

Jim Powell's most recent blog has a bad pun in the title and covers the series at Fenway, Mark Difelice, the Red Sox radio team, Johnny Pesky, Chip Caray and Ryan Braun's contract.

The Red Sox are unveiling solar panels at Fenway today to help heat water and save energy at the ballpark. They didn't need them over the weekend because all the power was supplied by Brewer pitchers and Ryan Braun. Related link

Here's a year-by-year breakdown of what the Brewers are paying for Braun's power, btw.

Bucs Dugout doesn't understand why the Brewers aren't hitting. Me either.

On injuries:

Rangers OF Josh Hamilton has bumps and bruises all over the place from a dive Friday, and has played sparingly over the weekend.
Felix Hernandez was pulled from his start after the fifth yesterday with tightness in his calf.
Rich Hill, who the Cubs had sent to AAA, missed a start down there with a stiff back.
Jason Isringhausen has been placed on the DL after an encounter with THE SPAZZOSAURUS!
Jake Peavy will miss today's scheduled start and have an MRI to determine the source of his elbow soreness.

The Junkball Blues is doing some interesting work on the development of a new stat for relief pitchers.

And, by the way, one former Brewer and the father of a current Brewer are in the top 20 all-time for most plate appearances without a sacrifice.

Drink up.