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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Here's a rumor: It's time for the Mug.

BDD Recaps

So, a quick recap of yesterday's events: Sometime overnight Sunday, a blogger with no cited sources and very small traffic said Ned Yost would be fired. This news was met with much rejoicing but backed with no actual evidence. Given that, Tom H. went ahead and posted an unsubstantiated rumor, again, to much rejoicing. Of course, it later turned out the rumor was false. Tom has taken this opportunity to bash all blogs in response.

Among bloggers, the best response I've seen came from roguejim's fanpost on the matter. Also, The Yost Infection has another rumor, with citation.

This would have been better if it had been posted on Yost's last day: In-Between Hops has a funny Yost anecdote that may explain some of the team's struggles on the road. Ned's handling of J.J. Hardy is less amusing.

One last managerial note: In light of yesterday's firing that wasn't, Big League Stew asks which manager will be fired first in 2008. If only voting for it made it so.

WhatIfSports has run a simulation and ranks the Brewers 28th of 30 teams. That's disappointing but not really surprising, as my WIS teams never seem to win either.

So, I didn't know the Brewers had let Abraham Nunez go, but they must have because the Mets have signed him. Am I just behind the curve on this one, or is this news to others?

On injuries:

Ronnie Belliard has been placed on the DL with a strained calf.
Chad Fox is back on the DL with inflammation in his elbow.
Andruw Jones is headed to the DL and may require surgery to remove fluid and torn cartilage from his knee.
Jake Peavy's elbow is so bad he has trouble turning doorknobs, but an MRI revealed no structural damage.

Some writers just make you feel like you're there: I didn't watch, or even see the highlights of last night's Twins game, but after reading this account from Aaron Gleeman, I feel like I sat front row.

And by the way, the Dodgers were not a fan of the violin playing during BP before yesterday's game. That's much better than this sound, which has been playing during Brewer AB's for most of the season.

Drink up.