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Wednesday's Frosty Mug

Before yesterday's game, Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke? posted the following:

I don't know if there's a team in baseball in a worse tailspin than the Brewers are right now. They've lost five in a row, their rotation is in shambles after Yovani Gallardo's injury, their bullpen is mostly a mess, and players are openly criticizing each other in the media. A sweep at the hands of the lowly Pirates may very well be Ned Yost's last stand. Today they're sending Manny Parra out to the hill. He's a decent prospect, but he's been really bad so far this year. He'll face off agains Paul Maholm, who always benefits from the giant left-field at PNC Park. Ready to be tantalizingly close to .500 again?

Apparently they weren't.

Win Expectancy Graph
(BR Box Scores are having technical difficulties this morning)
BDD Recaps

Still more reaction to the firing that wasn't: Apparently Ned had a conversation with reporters yesterday that was somewhere between a "mild tirade/venting session" and "a furious Ned Yost," depending on who you ask. Two-Fisted Slopper also has a reaction that should not be missed.

As noted in the Fanshots, Seth McClung has been moved into the rotation, taking the place of Carlos Villanueva. I'm not arguing the decision, but it's proof that baseball can be a funny game sometimes. The Brewers opened camp with Ben Sheets, Jeff Suppan, Yovani Gallardo, Dave Bush, Carlos Villanueva, Manny Parra, Claudio Vargas, Chris Capuano, Zach Jackson and others on the roster, and have since signed Jeff Weaver. Less than a month ago there were those arguing that McClung shouldn't even be on the roster. Who would've guessed he'd start a game before the All Star Break?

We probably won't know more specifics until later today, but Eric Gagne left last night's game with an inability to throw strikes shoulder stiffness.

Jim Powell's most recent blog covers the "PNC Curse," Gagne, McClung, Dale Sveum, Ryan Braun, salmon and Braveheart.

Beyond the Box Score says the Brewers have played a much tougher schedule than their NL Central rivals, and should not be counted out.

The Brewers remained steady at 17 in the most recent Bugs and Cranks Power Rankings.

On injuries:

Gary Bennett hit his home run off Ben Sheets while suffering from plantar fasciitis, which has since landed him on the DL.
A's reliever Andrew Brown is on the DL following an emergency appendectomy.
Mets OF Ryan Chruch got his second concussion of 2008 last night sliding to break up a double play.
Derek Jeter is day to day after being hit by a pitch and being gorilla press slammed by a Bizarro Ray.
Twins IF Matt Tolbert had surgery to repair a torn ligament in his thumb and will miss 4-5 weeks.

This was the first thing today to make me laugh out loud: Hire Jim Essian is not impressed with Mark DeRosa's blog and has some fun with the comments it generates, like this one, for example:

I believe.

Another thing you do is "suck."

Earlier this week, Jon Lester, a cancer survivor, pitched a no-hitter. On Friday, Doug Davis will become baseball's newest cancer survivor when he returns to the D-Backs rotation.

Mike Piazza announced his retirement yesterday. UmpBump is encouraging us all to enjoy, one last time, his unfortunate facial hair.

Oh, and here's a story from Paul Depodesta about scouts being top secret by reporting on players from porta potties.

Drink up.