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Game Thread #48: Brewers (22-25) at Nationals (20-28)

Yay!  A team that is almost certainly worse than we are!

Jeff Suppan goes for the Brewers against opening-day starter Odalis Perez.  Perez has been quite useful this year; in fact, much of the Nats rotation has been decent.  And they're cheap, too.  I think the entire starting five is working for about what Suppan makes in a month.

Perez is a lefty, which would seem to bode well, at least for Bill Hall's playing time.  Here's the BR Game Preview, and game time is 6:35 CT.  Fun matchup of the day: Cristian Guzman has faced Suppan 44 times, and has an OPS of .399 in those PAs.

Go Brewers!