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Game Thread #30: Brewers (16-13) at Astros (14-16)

With the short left-field porch at Minute Maid, tonight was supposed to be the night when the righties teed off on the Brewers (left-handed) starting pitcher.  We got that out of the way yesterday, so I think Parra is set up for a great outing.  Brandon Backe will try to contain the Brewers offense, but we're just too gritty.

Game time is 6:05 CT.  Here's the BR Game Preview.  Also, check out this hilarious post at the SBN Twins site.

Project-a-tron has tonight as an absolute dead heat: 49.95% chance of the Brewers winning.  Mr. Tron, however, is not aware of grit, dwarf or otherwise.

Go Brewers!