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Game Thread #32: Brewers (16-15) at Marlins (17-14)

Well, this is a surprise.  If we had looked at the schedule in spring training and guessed which team would come into the series with a better record, we probably would've been wrong.  Let's hope that by the time the Brewers leave Miami, we'll be right again.

It's on the east coast, so game time is 6:10 CT.

The matchup tonight is Jeff Suppan and Scott Olsen.  Olsen more or less dominated us last time out--7.1 IP, no runs.  Then again, he did walk five guys.  Suppan, well, he's gotta be better than he was last time.  Here's the BR Game Preview, with all of that stuff and much, much more.

Project-a-tron isn't offering any numbers tonight, just forecasting the following:

  • Rickie Weeks will strike out, and look bad doing so.
  • The Brewers will leave men on base in multiple innings, further suggesting that they really aren't trying hard enough.
  • A reliever will give up a run.
  • Somehow, against all odds, the Crew will win the game.

Go Brewers!