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Game Thread #33: Brewers (16-16) at Marlins (18-14)

I can tell the Project-a-Tron is despondent, and what's more, it has lost all sense of reason.  It is forecasting a 0% chance of a Brewers win.  It's possible that the low probability is because I haven't filled anything in the fields for the Brewers lineup, so it thinks the Brewers will score zero runs, but I think it goes deeper than that.

Here's the BR Game Preview, which offers more hope than the estimable Mr. Tron.  Dave Bush is not only better than Jon Lieber, but he gave up one run in six innings last time he faced the Marlins.  He'll be facing Burke Badenhop, who is making his fifth major league start.  He was probably rushed to the majors, and hasn't been very good so far.  He's also a righty, though, so statistically, the Brewers are likely to bat about .000 against him.

Since I'm in a prickly mood, I'll send you over the JS Blog, where the real journalist is sharing the batting order.  These two paragraphs illustrate the difference between slackers like me and the professionals who know how to do their jobs:

Emersed in a four-game skid and an even longer hitting slump, the Brewers are status quo with the batting order. Although, it's not like many changes could be made to fix the problem even though the general consensus with blog posters seems to be moving Weeks out of the leadoff spot.

His average is low. His OBP is low. But he is scoring runs, so that kinda goes a long way ... but for how much longer?

Right-o, buddy.  Blogging = random application of words to text editor.

Go Brewers!