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Game Thread #35: Cardinals (22-14) at Brewers (16-18)

We're not 24-10.  But hey, neither are the Cardinals!

If you go back through the game threads I've posted for Brewers/Cards games over the last year or so, you'll find a lot of comments to the effect of, "There's no way this converted reliever is this good."  I am officially done making such comments.  I still kind of believe it, but...I don't know.  Dave Duncan: You win this round.

Todd Wellemeyer, one of the many guys who should probably tithe 50% of his future earnings to the Church of Duncan, starts for the Cards against Manny Parra, who right now isn't convincing me he's going to have much in the way of future earnings.

The lineup is back to normal, and you can see all the matchups in the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!