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Friday's Plastic Cup, Jeff Weaver edition

Not a ton on the interwebs for you this morning, but hey, if you get bored, you can get think about the series win on the road.  Over and over again.

Bye bye, Jeff Weaver.

Two-Fisted Slopper thinks the moment to strike is now, and uses some reasonable assumptions to predict that the Brewers will be three games back at the All-Star Break.  I'd be happy with that, especially if it means the Cubs panic and sign Jeff Weaver.

Jim Powell has posted another interview--this time it's with Jim Callis of Baseball America, and you'll be shocked to learn that the topic is not Jeff Weaver, it's first-round pick Brett Lawrie.

With Micah Hoffpair and Eric Patterson called up and Matt Murton cloaked with invisibility, the Cubs have picked up Ben Broussard as Triple-A depth.  I guess he's better than Weaver...and I'm just talking about pitching!

Suggesting that we had better Triple-A depth in the 2007 Nashville rotation than in this year's, R.A. Dickey is taking the place of Miguel Batista in the Mariners rotation.

After a strong start, Livan Hernandez gave up seven runs in three innings last night to the Indians.  That's five or more runs in five consecutive outings.  Unfortunately, we're going to face better pitchers than that this weekend.  They've got Francisco Liriano in Triple-A, but if they're worried about using him (or they use him, and it opens up a spot in the minor league rotation), maybe that'll be Jeff Weaver's new home.

That'll do it for today.