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Wednesday's Plastic Cup

Yesterday, all 30 teams in baseball were in action.  Only three NL teams won a game, and one of those, the Dodgers, beat the Reds.  The Brewers and Rockies were the only NL teams to win an interleague matchup.

With all those home runs last night, the Brewers didn't have to run very fast during the game.  This guy needed to run faster, though.

All you girls--except for Kirbir, who obviously wouldn't know a warm-up partner if one fell out of the sky into her bed--should be sure to watch the game tonight.  Hardy is healthy, and Yost plans to put him back in the lineup.

Speaking of coming back: David Riske dominated in Triple-A last night, and more importantly, he felt good.  He may not need another rehab, in which case the brass will have to figure out who goes.

I suppose there are four choices to get the axe: Mike Mark Mike Mark Mike Mark DiFelice, Tim Dillard, Julian Tavarez, and Hernan Iribarren.  Given how well DiFelice and Dillard have pitched, and that Taverez is a crusty veteran, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ned go for 13 pitchers.  Rambling Al notes that DiFelice has continued his amazing K/BB ways in the big leagues.

Whether you like it or not, I'm going to keep monitoring the available starting pitching.  (Sorry Seth, I'm sipping the kool-aid, but I'm not chugging it yet.)  Freddy Garcia has been throwing for scouts, and he could be back before September.

TheJay, apparently, is freelancing at Baseball Prospectus under the nom de recondite of "Jim Baker."  Baker takes the case of Robinson Cancel (nine years between major league appearances) and finds the players with even longer gaps between spells in the bigs.  Unsurprisingly, World War II shows up quite a bit.

If you thought the article about Kendall needing your All-Star support was a little silly, you should see what Gaslamp Ball has to say about a similar piece concerning Adrian Gonzalez.  Gonzalez has been one of the best players in baseball this year, and has stayed firmly under the radar in San Diego.  But no matter how good, I suspect he's not going to overtake Berkman, Pujols, D-Lee, and Fielder.

Here's part two of Geoff Young's interview with Sandy Alderson.

Two managers were fined by Major League Baseball for "failing to comply with pace of game regulations."  Word on the street (well, ok, word from my cat) is that Ryan Braun is next--if he doesn't start making outs more often, MLB will have to crack down on the extra time he adds to Brewers games.