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Prospect List Up

Check out the left-hand toolbar. I didn't have their ages listed before, and that seemed like more relevant information than their batting handedness, so I swapped the latter out for the former. I moved the player's level to the line below because it ran over for a few players, and I didn't like the way lines like "E. Frederickson" looked--too 19th Century. To save a little more space, I removed the "H" from pitchers' positions, so that a right-handed reliever is now "RRP" and a left-handed starter is "LSP"; reminds me of a popular joke from first grade in which you quickly recite the alphabet, omitting the letter "P", and then, when someone asks "Where's 'P'?" you answer "It's running down my leg."

Oh, as you'll notice, it runs through #26, not 25. I figured the 26th spot would be a nice way to highlight a player I like but who hasn't played much or at all yet and wasn't a high-round draft pick. We'll call it the "BK's Recommendation" slot.

So, post what you like, what you don't like, suggestions, death threats, etc.