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Friday's Plastic Cup is still having heart palpitations

According to FanGraphs, the Brewers win probability never dipped below 90% during the ninth inning last night.  I would say that FanGraphs is unaware of the existence of Derrick Turnbow.

Eric Gagne is on his way back.  The schedule is for him to rejoin the team on June 27.  Let's hope he's a little better his first time back than David Riske was last night.

Another interleague update: Not everybody was in action yesterday, but only three NL teams won.  Oddly, despite the AL's dominating this round, the Rockies also swept their AL opponents.

Another note about the interleague series.  Before the season, I used projected win totals to calculate strength of schedule, which led to my conclusion that the Cubs had it exactly one game easier than the Brewers do.  I'm not sure how much to adjust that, but it seems like the advantage might not be as great as expected.  Certainly the Rays are better than forecast, and the Cubs got them while the Brewers didn't.  The White Sox are playing over their heads, but they are probably better than expected.  The Blue Jays are probably worse.  To really make a judgment, we'll need to have far more games in the books, but at the end of the season, it wouldn't surprise me if the Cubs and Brewers strength of schedules were much closer to even than projected.

Buzz Bissinger is back.  He apologizes for going ballistic on the founder on Deadspin, and now he has moderated his ire, saying more acceptable things like:

“The younger generation likes the snarky tone,” says Bissinger. “They like the gossip, they like the juice. I don’t think they really appreciate good writing and reporting, and those, to me, are precious arts. . . . It’s all some interactive gangbang.”

Yes, yes it is.  As a proud purveyor of snark, I would like to publicly announce that Jeff Sackmann's Milwaukee Brewers Blogparty is now An Interactive Milwaukee Brewers Gangbang.  Seriously.  Check out the name of the page.  As somebody pointed out in yesterday's game thread, it's not clear what a non-interactive gangbang would be--maybe that's what happens when Buzz invites Tony LaRussa and his coaching staff over.  I could try to be snarkier than that, but I don't know why I'd bother after Fire Joe Morgan has given their take.

By the way, I'm not sure if I still qualify as part of the "younger generation," but I do appreciate good reporting.  I wish we had more of it.

Dayn Perry looks at which managers could be fired next.  Ned is on the list, but not as an imminent fire: "so long as the Brewers remain in the race, he'll survive."