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Game Thread #73: Orioles (37-34) at Brewers (39-33)

The Brewers are on a tear, to the point that we've more or less canceled out the disappointing start.  39-33 is an 88-win pace, which may well turn out to be enough for the wildcard, and is certainly in line with (or better than) pre-season expectations. 

Oddly enough, the Orioles are on something of a tear as well.  They've won five of their last six, which would be more impressive if those games weren't against the Pirates and Astros.  Before that, they lost a series to the Red Sox and took 2 out of three from the Twins and Blue Jays.

The matchup tonight is youngster Radhames Liz against Jeff Suppan.  Supp's ERA is down to 3.68, including a sparkling 2.35 in his last seven starts.  (I know, "sparkling" is a cliche, but I put some glitter on my monitor before writing this post, so I mean it literally.  Brew Crew Ball may be an interactive gangbang, but it is a cliche-free zone.  We never try to do too much with it.)

Game time is 7:05 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!