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Saturday's Plastic Cup

I guess we all knew Jeff Suppan was going to come back to earth soon.  I was just hoping he was going to wait until after the 2010 season.

Today's Cup will be a little light, partly because I'm crunched for time, and partly because half of the stuff I bookmarked was fanshotted yesterday.  If you want more, click here for the full fanshot list, including several items from yesterday.

Mike Cameron's sprained big toe is worse that we thought.  It looks like Kapler will start all weekend.

In better injury news, Rickie Weeks could return as soon as Sunday, which is the first day he's eligible to come off the DL.  Counsell's been playing well, but Jeff's first rule of player evaluation is this: Don't go with the guy whose home runs make you laugh.

Here's the updated All-Star voting.  Braun is still on the outside looking in, and my guess is it'll stay that way.  He'll make the team some way or other, so I don't think it's a big deal.  What surprised me is the number of Brewers in the top 5.  Prince and Kendall are there, of course, but so are Rickie and Bill Hall.  (Bill Hall!?!)  Corey Hart is also among the top 15 votegetters in the outfield.  Because there are only so many spots, and the Cubs appear to be claiming about 19 of them, I think we're going to put Braun and Sheets on the team, and that'll be it.

Finally, here's an entertaining interview with Zach Greinke, a player who many Brewers fans would like to see become a part of this here Gangbang.  (Hmm, did that come out wrong?)

If I missed anything, feel free to post it in the comments, or if it's particularly good, make it a FanShot.  See you back here tonight for the 6:05 CT start.