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Wednesday's Plastic Cup

The Cardinals won but the Cubs lost: Still 1.5 games out of the wild card and now five games behind the division lead.  Last night's outing also brought Dave Bush's ERA down under 5.00.  That kind of number usually isn't much to get excited about, but it's a huge improvement from where he was, and one more start like the last two will move him comfortably into the realm of the average starting pitcher.

Battlekow found a great post-game quote from Torres:

"Even with (McCann’s) hit, I was back in control. I was able to settle down. … After (Teixeira’s homer), I was able to be the Salomon you all know and love."

You can also find this in the FanShots, but I thought it deserved a mention here: Julian Tavarez is a free agent again.  He doesn't want to start at Nashville.  Odd how bad players (Tavarez, Weaver) don't want to start there, but good players (Branyan) don't seem to mind.  Oh well, at least no one's going to take Turnbow's rotation slot.

Dave Fultz has another update on the Brewers ASG chances.  Braun is still in fourth, but with Soriano on the DL, he's likely to start.  (He would seem like a good bet to DH even if he didn't start.)  Kendall is up to third, and Cameron has cracked the top 15 in the outfield.  Hardy is the only starter not to be in the top 5 at his position.

Get ready for non-stop chatter about the future homes of Ben Sheets and Prince Fielder.  Just yesterday, we find out that Sheets is going to test free agency, and here's a Braves blogger who doesn't want him.  (I suspect that with the way he's pitching, I'm not going to want him at the market rate, either.)

You have to scroll way down, but Ken Rosenthal chimes in on the possible offseason Fielder sweepstakes.  Think back to what we netted for Richie Sexson, consider how much better and younger Prince is, and start dreaming about a trade package to end all trade packages.  This guy at Dugout Central thinks Fielder is the Yankees first baseman of the future.

The Brewers finish up in Atlanta today at 12:05 CT.  Let's hope Jeff Suppan can make it out of the second inning...