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Thursday's Plastic Cup

Before we get to the major league baseball, congratulations are in order for the Fresno State Bulldogs--or "Wonderdogs," as they've been dubbed.  They beat Georgia to win the College World Series last night despite going up against heavy favorites for weeks.  Even after winning all of these post-season games, one statistical ranking has them as 25th best in the NCAA; before the tournament, I think they were ranked in the 60s.

Now, back to the slightly less exciting world of MLB.

Two Fisted Slopper looks at what has gone right for the Crew.  It's a pleasantly long list.

Junkball Blues looks at the Brewers (high) ranking in power/speed number, a Bill James toy stat.

Goat Riders considers the rumors that the Cubs may be stealing signs.  It's silly that such a thing might be a controversy; as Colin points out, sign-stealing is as much a baseball tradition as flying wood shards impaling umpires.  Maybe more so.

Claudio Vargas is back on the market.  It's odd, too, as it leaves the Mets without a long man for a 18-day, 18-game stretch.  Maybe the thinking is that, with Claudio on the team, those 18 games would take 20 or 21 days.

Shawn Chacon got in a fight with his GM.  Let's, uh, never sign this guy.  And most importantly, keep him away from Julian Tavarez!

Some Blue Jays fans are really ticked at Lyle Overbay.  Lyle probably isn't the right target, but as we saw last week, Jays fans have plenty of reason to be ticked.

Want to get to know your Sounds?  Here's a Q&A with Tim Dillard, in which in comes out that he is deathly afraid of mustard.  (He's also very bad at multiple choice questions.)

That's it for today.