Bite the Sabathia bullet?

As the trading deadline nears, many teams in baseball will be looking to buy or sell, depending on recent success.

As we all have hoped, the Brewers are competing quite well and are in the market as a potential buyer. With the farm system stocked with prime players (thanks to wonderful scouting and drafting), the Brewers hold several valuable trade chips that could just bring in the missing piece to the 2008 Series puzzle.

The question is this: What should the Brewers do? Hold tight to the prospects or make a move to finally overtake the Cubs and pound them into submission? C.C. Sabathia, as you all know, will most likely become the most coveted prize of this summer's trading frenzy. Will he be too overpriced and the better option may be to go for a smaller name, like Rich Harden, but just as effective, or break the bank and go for it all with Sabathia?