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Friday's Plastic Cup

I got up this morning, thinking I'd watch Wimbledon on ESPN 360 while writing the Cup...and Wimbledon is in a rain delay.  For now, 360 is replaying yesterday's match in which Maria Sharapova lost to a qualifier, so I'm writing the Cup and listening to the grunting.  Oddly soothing.

Yesterday was an off-day, so no post-game links.  But we did pick up a half-game on both the Cardinals and Cubs, so we're one game back of the NL wild card, and 5.5 out of the division.  Can we take another few days off?

The Twins-Brewers series this weekend should be interesting--both teams are on a tear.  The Twins have swept three series in a row, and are 12-3 against the NL this season.

Speaking of interleague play, friend-of-BCB Jacob Jackson has a post at Athletics Nation detailing yet another season of AL dominance.  Viewed in that light, the Brewers' 6-6 record isn't so bad.

Eric Gagne didn't do so well in his second rehab appearance, so Between the Green Pillars wonders what we should do with him.  Unless Gagne proves in Triple-A that he can't throw strikes at all, I'm sure he's going to be our set-up man before long.  After all, that job seems to have little in the way of performance-based qualifications.

Not only are Matt LaPorta and Mat Gamel playing in the Futures Game, Pat Listach will be in the dugout as a coach.  Maybe Pat can give the Matts some tips on becoming rookie of the year.

Joe Posnanski is now convinced the Royals should sign Barry Bonds.  I'm not sure about that, but I do want to see Barry in uniform somewhere.  Heck, maybe that's the way to do that crazy Fielder-for-Sabathia scenario some people have talked about.  Trade Fielder, move Braun in from left, sign Barry to play left.  (Yes, I am kidding.)

Lots of talk on the Sabathia front, too.  Not only are the Brewers among the frontrunners, but the Rays are too.  I'll admit, that does sound weird.  The Indians are making at least a token attempt to lock up Sabathia in advance of the deadline.  And Bugs & Cranks...well, I can't quite describe this.

For you Gameday fans, these improvements are pretty cool.

This isn't a surprise: Shawn Chacon about to be released by the Astros.

I don't know if TheJay has covered this yet on his blog, but it sounds right up his alley: Fungoes looks at players with a higher BA than OBP.  Read up on how that works.

The Mets have an official pudding.

And I am officially done for the day.  The tarps are coming off at Wimbledon just in time for me to have to leave.