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Saturday's Polyurethane Cup

I'm not really in the mood to write anything this morning, but I do have a small stockpile of links bookmarked, so I figured I'd dump them here for your clicking pleasure.

Two Fisted Slopper: What Went Wrong (shorter list than "what went right!")

Mark Mulder is back, sent to the Cardinals bullpen.

An A's fan is being a jerk, as related by Nico at AN:

How pathetic is the fan who caught Carlos Gonzalez' first major league homerun, was offered three bats and an autographed ball in exchange, and refused, "holding out for more"?

Bill Baer at BDD suggests that Randy Johnson give Brian Shouse a run for his money.

Via email from a Mets fan friend of mine:

Bad things happened while Guillermo Mota was on the mound? You don't say...

Almost makes you glad we're getting Eric Gagne back.  Almost.

Early-ish 6:10 CT start tonight.  Don't miss it...Corey's on fire!