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Game Thread #80: Brewers (43-36) at Twins (44-36)

If we're going to win the series and have a chance to go 8-7 in interleague, it would be a good idea to beat the Twins tonight.  It might not be easy; you may have heard that the Twins have something of a winning streak going.

Manny Parra pitches for the good guys while our hitters will presumably continue the home run barrage against Livan Hernandez. 

The Cubs and White Sox are already in action--it's still the second inning and the Sox are up 4-2.  The Cardinals start their game when we start ours.  Also tonight, Ty Taubenheim makes his first appearance in more than a year, his first start for the Pirates.

Game time is 6:10 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!