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Game Thread #59: Diamondbacks (32-26) at Brewers (30-28)

Finally, that record is starting to look respectable.  It's a bummer that our 7-1 streak coincides with an even better run from the Cubs, but ultimately, it doesn't matter how much ground we make up during on hot streaks, it matters how many games we win.  We're now on pace for an 84-win season.  That won't be good enough for the postseason, but it's a big improvement on where we were at a week ago.

Game time tonight is 7:05 CT, and it's Randy Johnson against Seth McClung.  Here's the BR Game Preview, which tells you that Kendall has an 807 career OPS against the Big Unit.  Now that Kendall can't hit very well and RJ isn't the same pitcher he once was, all bets are off...but I'm betting on Seth.

Go Brewers!