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Draft day #2

You think yesterday was a long day, with 202 players selected?  Today there will be well over 1,000 more players picked, over about 40 more rounds.  Just like I tend to dork out over marginal major leaguers will little chance of sticking, this is the part of the draft that I really like.  Not that I know much about many of the players, but if you look at what an organization does over 45 picks, you get a much better idea of their philosophy than you do from day 1 alone.

Also, I went to every game at the D3 World Series last month, and a few of the players who starred there are likely to be chosen today.  If that isn't exciting, I don't know what is.

The coverage starts today at 10:30 CT ...I'm not sure whether that means that the punditry starts then or pick #203 is right at 10:30.  I don't know how long it will last, but I'm guessing it will take us all the way to game time.

A few links to keep you in the know:

Also, if you're just catching up, there are tons of links to coverage of our draftees in the two draft threads from yesterday.  Just scroll down.

Go Jack Z!

UPDATE: Brewers picks so far on day two, numbered by round:

  1. Trey Watten, RHP, Abilene Christian
  2. Erik Komatsu, LF (L), Cal State Fullerton
  3. Michael Bowman, RHP, VMI
  4. Greg Miller, RHP, Seton Hall
  5. Mike Marseco, SS (R), Samford
  6. Garrett Sherrill, RHP, Appalachian State
  7. Rob Wooten, RHP, UNC
  8. Corey Kemp, C (R), East Carolina
  9. Mark Willinsky, RHP, Santa Clara
  10. Stosh Wawrzasek, RHP, Walnut Grove SS (BC)
  11. Damon Krestalude, RHP, Port St. Lucie HS (FL)
  12. Nic Bucci, RHP, St Patrick's HS (ON)
  13. Blake Billings, RHP, Hillcrest HS (AL)
  14. Liam Ohlmann, RHP, Manchester CC (CT)
  15. Lucas Luetge, LHP, Rice
  16. Ben Jeffers, RHP, Chipola JC (FL)
  17. Marcus Knecht, OF (R), St. Michael's CHS (ON)
  18. Brandon Ritchie, LHP, Grand Rapids CC (MI)
  19. John Delaney, SS (R), Quinnipiac
  20. Derrick Alfonso, C (R), Louisville
  21. Austin Adams, SS (R), Faulkner
  22. Brandon Garcia, C (L), Bishop Gorman HS (NV)
  23. Tommy Collier, RHP, Cypress-Fairbanks HS (TX)
  24. Wayne Dedrick, OF, Hillcrest HS (AL)
  25. Brandon Rapoza, RHP, Flagler
  26. Colt Farrar, RHP, First Baptist Academy (TX)
  27. Michael White, RHP, Anderson County HS (TN)
  28. Calvin Drummond, RHP, Huntington Beach HS (CA)
  29. Mike Vass, RF (R), Chapman
  30. Evan Bronson, LHP, Trinity
  31. Kyle Winkler, RHP, Kempner HS (TX)
  32. Mike Roberts, C (R), VMI
  33. Eric Decker, LF (L), Minnesota
  34. Nicholas Fogarty, LHP, Thornlea SS (ON)
  35. Joseph Scott, SS (R), Cal State Fullerton
  36. Ryan Wood, SS (R), East Carolina
  37. Dexter Price, RHP, Air Academy HS (CO)
  38. Kaleb Herren, RHP, North Central Texas CC (TX)
  39. James Kottaras, 2B (L), Milliken Mills HS (ON)
  40. Carlos George, SS (R), James Monroe HS (NY)
  41. Kayvon Bahramzadeh, RHP, Catalina Foothills HS (AZ)
  42. Marcus Salmon, RHP, Miami Dade CC South (FL)
  43. Daniel Meadows, LHP, Temple JC (TX)
  44. Sean Nolin, LHP, Seaford HS (NY)