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Sunday's Plastic Cup

Another short one, but hey--you can get wasted once the game starts.

Jim Powell interviewed first round pick Brett Lawrie.  You can listen here.

McCalvy reports that Branyan wants to cut down on his strikeouts .  To me, that sounds like Trey Parker and Matt Stone saying they want less profanity in South Park.  For the most part, this is a delayed version of the typical spring training narrative of why the player is going to be so much better this year.  Fortunately in this case, Branyan already does seem better.  He can say whatever he wants, and my bet is that he's going to keep K'ing every 3 or 4 ABs, and the home runs will be right there with them.

Colin Wyers (cwyers) at Goat Riders analyzes the Cubs defense.  A couple of non-surprises: Fukudome looks really good, and whether you'd like counting stats or rate stats, Pie has been better this year than Edmonds.

Why does Jay Bruce think he's off to such a hot start?  Sample size.  Really.

The college super-regionals are going on right now--eight three-game series will determine who gets in to the College World Series, which starts next Saturday.  Stanford clinched the first spot with a win over Fullerton last night, and there could be a lot more teams qualifying with wins today.  You can follow the action from one nifty application here.  That link also shows which games are televised, and on which ESPN channel.

Game time is 2:05 CT this afternoon.  The Brewers won't suck today.  I promise.