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Monday's Plastic Cup

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Nice to finally get back on the board at Coors Field, eh?  Off day today, but tomorrow we start up a series in Houston, pitting Seth McClung against Roy Oswalt. 

In case you hadn't noticed, Jeff Suppan is pitching well.  He largely skipped his traditional solid April, but he's made up for it since.  Too many fans expect brilliance from a guy because he's making eight figures; a 3.78 ERA from our designated veteran innings eater may not last, but it's a bright spot on the season nonetheless.

Rickie Weeks is back in Milwaukee getting his knee examined.  Of course, it's "precautionary," and "we don't think it's serious."  You know what that means, kids. 

More news from Tom on the beat: Cameron might be moved from the #2 spot.  Personally, I don't care.  I would happily accept a suboptimal lineup in exchange for no more discussion of lineups ever again. 

Speaking of things I don't want to hear about: Tom is a little overexcited about last night's five-out save.  Apparently, when Salomon Torres, a set-up man and once closer, pitches more than an inning in the 7th and 8th, it's not worth mentioning.  When he is the newly appointed sort-of-captain of the closer-by-committee, it's a throwback to the golden age of baseball.  (Remember?  The 80s.) 

Baseball Digest Daily has a new Matt LaPorta journal.

UZR, MGL's defense uber-stat, doesn't like the Brewers.  By my rough count, it ranks Milwaukee 23rd in baseball.  Fielder and Hall are rated among the worst at their positions, and Cameron is best in center.

Finally, here's an article from yours truly about non-Division I college draft picks.  Turns out the Mets led the pack, taking nine such players, while the Brewers took five.  The Brewers picks included two D2 guys: Brandon Rapoza of Flagler and Trey Watten of Abilene Christian; two D3ers: Mike Vass of Chapman and Evan Bronson of Trinity (TX); and one NAIA player, Austin Adams of Faulkner.

That'll do it for this morning!