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Game Thread #83: Brewers (44-38) at D-Backs (42-41)

I think Daron Sutton is out to get us.  In the first inning last night, he was talking about how the D-Backs just can't seem to beat the Brewers.  He might as well have announced during the pregame that Dave Bush was throwing a no-hitter.

Tonight's starters have a combined age of 155 77, with a lot of that burden carried by Randy Johnson.  RJ is starting to pitch like an old guy, only not as well as Jamie Moyer, the quintessential old pitcher in the 21st century.  He coughed up 7 runs in two of his last three starts, and his ERA is only a smidgen better than Dave Bush's.  That said, he did hold the Red Sox to two runs in his last start, and that's nothing to sneeze at.  (Also, don't sneeze at Randy.  Literally.  He'll get angry, and he'll also get hurt.)

Jeff Suppan goes for us, and despite a blip a couple of starts ago, he's still in the middle of an impressive run.  His ERA in May and June combined is 3.38, and he's given up only four longballs in that time.  (Could be luck, but either way, I'll take it.)  Another interesting note from Supp's gamelog: he's only gone over 100 pitches four time this year.  Despite that, he's averaging just a tiny bit below 6 innings per start.

Enough of time is 8:40 CT, and here's the BR Game Preview.

Go Brewers!