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Friday's Frosty Mug

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This one is short, partly because there's not much good stuff out there today, partly because I'm in a hurry, and partly because my caffeine level has reached a dangerous low.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

So Corey Hart is an All Star. Make no mistake, I'm thrilled, but now that we know that Ryan Braun was almost the NL's leading vote-getter, and Corey Hart managed to beat out players from some of baseball's biggest markets for the final spot, does anyone else smell a rat? I'm not going to go all-out and make an accusation, but if someday years from now we discover that the vote might have been artificially impacted, I wouldn't be shocked.

Also, Guillermo Mota is still a Brewer, despite Tom H.'s projection that he'd be designated for assignment. I'm guessing Tom won't be sitting near Mota on a team plane anytime soon.

Apparently batting .211 is bad, but batting .211 with poor body language was what it took to get Richie Sexson released. The Brew Town Beat thinks it couldn't hurt to bring Sexson back. The Transaction Oracle projects him at .230/.323/.419 for the rest of 2008 with one of his top comps being my dog's namesake, Gorman Thomas. In the meantime, in an "unrelated" move, the Mariners traded for Craig Wilson.

On injuries:

Aaron Harang has been diagnosed with a forearm strain and DL'ed.
Vernon Wells is out 4-6 weeks with a Grade 2 strain of his hamstring.

I don't have any non-Brewer related stuff today (except the Sexson stuff). So instead, I'll point you to this: If you like my daily notes about non-Brewer stuff, but would prefer it mainly focused on linking you to pictures of scantily clad celebrities and comments about my beard, consider checking out Aaron Gleeman's Link-O-Rama.

Oh, and not only can lefties pitch in the big leagues until they're 50, they're also more qualified to be President. I'm still not interested in running.

Drink up.