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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Ok, let's be honest, there's really not a lot going on today, but someone needed to write a post to bump Roguejim's New Kids on the Block post off the top spot.

Sadly, there's not a win expectancy graph or BR Box Score for the Home Run Derby.

Since not much has changed in 24 hours, we're still talking about the rotation platoon idea. Between the Green Pillars takes a look at the potential availability of the non-starter in the platoon and argues the platoon would effectively waste a roster spot.

On injuries:

Jerry Hairston Jr. has a mild hamstring strain and will be re-evaluated on Thursday.
Nats OF Wily Mo Pena has a slight tear in his rotator cuff and fraying of his labrum and will undergo surgery.

I had an unexpected moment yesterday. Since I'm officially back from vacation and not overwhelmed with other stuff, I'm back to casting a weekly ballot in the blogpoll for postseason awards. This week I sat down with a spreadsheet, put in all the numbers, added bonuses for playing on winning teams, playing a premium defensive position, playing everyday...and my AL MVP turned out to be Ian Kinsler. He likely won't even be the leading vote-getter on the Rangers, but he's my AL MVP. And in a strange coincidence, he's also profiled today at Beyond the Box Score.

So Josh Hamilton started out with all kinds of talent, found cocaine and heroin, spent years working to clean up his life, found God, turned it around and hit 28 home runs in 38 swings last night at Yankee Stadium. All of this prompted Rick Reilly to say "It's a lousy night to be an atheist." It seems to me like being an atheist would be pretty much the same every day.

On the other hand, the combination of a booing crowd and a mic he didn't know was live prompted Chase Utley to drop an F. bomb. Oops.

Jose Capellan is on the move again, this time signing with the Royals and heading to AAA Omaha. It's the right Jose Capellan this time, right? I don't even know which one to tag, so both get it.

Tangotiger takes a look at payroll distribution among teams. About 43.2% of the average team's payroll is spent on pitching. You can see the breakdown by position via the link.

Oh, and if you're looking for work, this job with the Cardinals looks like a nice starting point in the front office/player development field. I've been watching the team jobs boards for a while now and jobs like this don't pop up very often.

Drink up.