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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

As usual, it's a slow Tuesday, but let's get right to it.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

Easily the best work of the day: If you haven't checked it out yet, go check out Dixieflatline's Hardball Times piece on the Huntsville Stars. I find it unlikely I'll be making a spontaneous trip to Alabama in the minor league season's final month, so this is likely as close as I'll get to seeing Alcides Escobar, Angel Salome, Mat Gamel and Cole Gillespie this season.

Should the trading deadline be moved back to the middle of August? Dugout Central uses the Durham trade to make a case for it.

The Brewers had the third best record in the National League, swept their first series after the All-Star Break, added CC Sabathia and Ray Durham, and they're still only 15th in the "Whisnant rankings," behind the Orioles, Indians, Twins and Blue Jays, among others. I think his "objective ranking" system needs a little work.

After inspecting the lineup, I'm not sure this team would win many games, but there are 2 current and a former Brewer on In-Between Hops' "Two initials for a first name" team.

On injuries:

Jorge Posada is headed back to the DL and considering shoulder surgery that could cause him to miss part of next season.
Kerry Wood's saga with blisters continues. There's been talk for days he might go on the DL...can anyone tell me if he actually went?

Kerry Wood's blister problems aren't the only thing the Cubs aren't disclosing lately: They're also in hot water over reported violations involving the draft.

It's a sad day for everyone who's interested in the game's history today, as we mourn the passing of Jerome Holtzman, a Hall of Fame reporter, the inventor of the save rule, and long-time MLB official historian. He was 81.

It's the time of year when contending ball clubs look to strengthen their roster by making trades and picking up players who can help them down the stretch. Well, usually it's just contending ball clubs, but this year it includes the Astros, who are talking to the Padres about Randy Wolf.

The Astros are more likely to be Nude on the Moon than playing playoff baseball in 2008.

Drink up.