Keith Law is tremendously insightful


Jibraun (St. Louis, MO): I witnessed CC's performance in person last night...How scared should the Cubs be right now? Keith law: I could see both teams making the playoffs. Todd (WI): This question was posed to Callis yesterday buy what's your opinion: Odorizzi and Lintz, yay or nay? Keith law: Odorizzi > Lintz. Todd (WI): You said you were lower on Alcides Escobar than some others, why? What are you thoughts on Mat Gamel? Keith law: Escobar's approach at the plate is awful - swings at everything, no pitch recognition. I don't see him hitting for better than average power. He can run, has good bat speed, and has good actions at short. I don't see him as a superstar, but he's sort of acquired that sheen since the Brewers wouldn't include him in a Sabathia deal. Gamel's got power, no idea where you could play him on defense. ------------------- You should have to pay for that kind of insight! Oh wait, you do.