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Friday's Frosty Mug

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So now it's eight in a row, the longest undefeated road trip since 1999, and three come from behind wins in four days. Still, drink with cautious optimism.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

Jim Powell says the Brewers are coming home off of The Greatest Road Trip Ever.

Doug Melvin says he's not interested in acquiring George Sherrill. Did he say it before or after reading Jeff's post on the subject? We may never know.

On injuries:

Erik Bedard has an internal impingement in his shoulder. There's no structural damage but it could lead to some.
Kerry Wood finally hit the DL with his blister problems, but will be eligible to return Tuesday.

This is the problem with the lack of transparency Major League Baseball shows at times: Bud Selig fined the Cubs $500,000 for "violations involving the draft" but never specified exactly what the Cubs did wrong. Then, the Cubs removed Selig friend (and Brewer part-owner) John Canning from the list of candidates to purchase the team. Now Ivy Chat, among others, is suggesting the Cubs are being punished for eliminating Canning from the running. Is this likely the case? No. Will suspicions like this continue to come up until MLB does a better job of conducting business in the sunlight? Absolutely.

Bronson Arroyo would rather stay in Cincinnati than go play for a contender, and he's publicly calling out the Reds' management to keep him. I don't ever recall seeing a player publicly ask to stay on a losing team.

Of course, Johnny Estrada won't get that option: the Nats DFA'd him yesterday.

Jimmy Rollins was a late scratch from last night's Phillies game, because he was also late to the ballpark.

This one surprised me in a big way: DRaysBay is conducting a poll and 66% of the 171 participating voters think the Rays should sign Barry Bonds.

Oh, and I didn't think I'd like a story involving a Padres fan, a cute girl and hot sauce, but this is pretty funny.

Drink up. The Mug is off for the weekend but returns Monday.