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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

Here's something to read while twirling your mustache.

Win Probability Graph
BR Box Score

Are you excited for the CC (no periods, just like KL Snow) Sabathia debut tonight? Yes? Then maybe you'll be interested in these notes on Sabathia from around the blogosphere:

Dixieflatline crunched the numbers and says adding Sabathia increased the Brewers' playoff chances by 10%.
Rluzinski says Sabathia improves the team by 1.93 wins, but that projection is based on Sabathia replacing Dave Bush.
In-Between Hops notes the major difference Mark Attanasio has made as owner of the Brewers, as exemplified in this trade.
Jayson Stark says the Cubs are still the favorites to win the Central, but the Brewers are the NL team you least want to face in October.
Saberscouting's PTO% rankings now have two Brewer pitchers in the top 15.
Joe DelGrippo says the Brewers will coast into the playoffs. Coasting isn't something you do when you're in third place.
Babes Love Baseball has changed Sabathia's nickname (formerly "Captain Cheeseburger") to El Capitán Chorizo.
A's Nation is one of a thousand sources saying the Cubs are suddenly interested in Rich Harden.

Also, in today's lone non-Sabathia note, two Brewers made Dave Cameron's Trade Value Top 50 list.

On injuries:
Padres C Michael Barrett hopes to have surgery soon to repair broken bones suffered when fouling a ball off of his face.
Angels C Mike Napoli has been placed on the DL with a sore shoulder.
Dontrelle Willis still has pain in his knee, and is being re-evaluated with the possibility that he has a torn ACL.

Maybe the Central isn't really a three-team race: Redleg Nation notes that if the Reds win their next six, they'll cruise into the All Star break 2 games over .500.

Presumably this was intended for Padres fans, but when you put it on the web you open it up for everyone: Paul DePodesta wants to know how you would handle the trading deadline for the Padres.

I tend to believe I have my finger on an awful lot of pulses, so how is it possible that Francisco Rodriguez has 35 saves before the All Star break, setting a major league record, and I had no idea?

Jeff Francoeur's tenure in AA only lasted 3 days, but the ill will it created looks like it might last a little longer.

Oh, and apparently throwing out first pitches in Korea is pants optional.

Drink up.