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Tuesday's Frosty Mug

So, fresh off a four game sweep of the Nats, the Brewers are headed out to the West Coast. Get ready to adjust your sleep cycle to Pacific time.

Win Expectancy Graph
BR Box Score

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to forget last year's San Diego-Los Angeles road trip, where the Brewers dropped five straight on their way to a season-high six game losing streak. So in my mind three wins on this six game trip would be a real victory. Here's the Official site's series preview.

The Padres will play tonight's game without bench coach Craig Colbert, who was suspended for a game for arguing with the umpires. The circumstances of the argument seem a little odd:
Padres manager Bud Black was ejected in the eighth inning in New York after plate umpire Todd Tichenor refused to allow a double switch. Colbert took over as acting manager and was ejected moments later after arguing from the dugout.
Any Padres fans out there, or anyone who saw the game for that matter, who can explain what happened that caused the umpires to refuse a double switch?

While the Padres are playing without their bench coach, the Brewers will continue to play without Ryan Braun, who still isn't sure when he'll be ready to return. Here's a thought: if he's having back problems and you're not sure when he'll be able to play again, why are you putting him on a plane to San Diego today? I'm sure a cross-country flight is just what he needs right now.

On the plus side, Statistically Speaking accidentally discovered that Braun has the highest career OPS in history among players who have never led their team in the stat.

There are two things worth noting in this Nationals Journal post on the sweep: First, Garrett Mock is only the second pitcher all season to record 9 strikeouts in a game where he failed to pitch 5 full innings. Second, he also had this to say after the game:
Mock on Corey Hart, who homered today in the fourth: "That guy owes me a steak or something, because I've thrown him more cookies than anybody I've ever thrown to."
Whatifsports new MLB Power Rankings have the Brewers at third, and the reconfigured (again) Whisnant rankings have them 9th.

On injuries:

Evan Longoria has been placed on the DL with a fractured wrist and should miss around 3 weeks.
Marlins SP Scott Olsen rolled his ankle in his last start and could miss a start Thursday.
Marlins RP Doug Waechter hasn't pitched since Wednesday with shoulder stiffness.
Rangers closer C.J. Wilson is having arthroscopic surgery on his elbow and is done for the year.

In easily the biggest non-Brewer news of the day, the Diamondbacks traded a minor leaguer and two players to be named to the Reds for Adam Dunn. Redleg Nation reports one of those players to be named later could be Micah Owings or Max Scherzer. Getting one of them for a six-week rental of Adam Dunn would be a pretty good deal.

Baseball Digest Daily takes a look at the declining numbers of Kosuke Fukudome. I hadn't noticed, but the trends are certainly there. Also declining: the spirits of two Cubs fans who faced a judge yesterday for a parking lot assault at Miller Park. Anyone heard how that turned out?

The Pacific Coast League is kind of a strange case, as the league now includes teams on the coast, as the name would imply, but also in Iowa, Nashville, New Orleans and Omaha. As a result, when the price of airfare goes up, their travel budgets become a concern. They're supposedly considering an extreme unbalanced schedule next season, because spending a full season playing most of your games against 3 other teams is exactly what big league clubs want their top prospects to do.

Recondite Baseball explores the history of the single baseball rule that even the smartest baseball fans frequently can't explain.

Oh, and if you were about to finish construction on a brand new ballpark, would you want a second-rate summer football league to come in and tear up your grass in July and August? Me either, but apparently Fred Wilpon does.

Drink up.